Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Create Therefore I Am

A great way to get the creative juices going, is to join in on a challenge. I love doing challenges. They seem to help me focus and I really like the ideas that I come up with. The PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy) has a monthly challenge. This month the challenge was to create a self-portrait. This is what I created, a self-portrait ACEO titled, I Create Therefore I Am.

I knew I didn't want to do create an exact replica of myself, so I decided to think about who I am, rather than what I look like. I am many things, A Mom, wife, sister, daughter, Aunt, friend, confidant, businesswoman, blogger, etc... but the overwhelming thing that I am is an artist. Some days I feel like creating is like breathing and that if i can't create something, I will suffocate. I spent many years trying to deny my need to create and am very happy that I no longer need to contain that part of myself. This freeing is what inspired me to create this ACEO. The head represents me and the wheels of creativity are turning. The background is the ideas being transferred to my hands and becoming reality once I create them. I used the bright colors and the texture because they inspire me. All of the images, except for the head were stamps that I had carved before this project, so it was fun to use some of them again for a completely different purpose.

Remember, joining challenges can be a great way to get inspired. Just remember that it is a challenge and just a beginning point, so you will still need to decide what to create and how to turn your inspiration into reality.

To vote in the PCAGOE challenge and be entered to win a basic polymer clay kit from polymerclayproductions.com just visit the PCAGOE website and vote today!

Another great creative challenge can be found in the Etsy etc. forums every Monday. It was created by Jewelstreet.etsy.com and anyone can join in.


Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I am loving this self portrait.

Terri said...

Beautiful blog, and great features!!
I love your work.

Ruth Tarragano said...

I ame here in your blog for the first time and I am facinated!

Your writing is very nice and clear
and it shows that you are az very giving person!...
The way you share your feeling entered my heart right away!...

Thank you for enriching me...


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