Thursday, July 26, 2007

Inspired by A Summer Memory

The PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy) is having their monthly challenge and the theme this month was Summer Memories. I thought long and hard and had several summer memories that I wanted to capture, but since I could only enter one piece, I had to narrow it down. My mind kept wandering to the beach and the colorful beach ball that we would get each year. Inevitably it would get lost or popped or left behind, so each year we would get a bright shiny new one. Oh the joy! My kids do the same thing now, so the tradition continues and the memories grow. These memories led to my entry, the beach ball rings.
The red, yellow, white and blue one represents the old school balls (and my childhood memory) and the pink, yellow and green represent the newer memories. They are both so fun and despite their size (1 1/4" diameter) amazingly easy to wear. They are a perfect way to keep a little summer with you all year round. They are listed in my etsy shop, and custom colors are available, just contact me with your request!

Here are the other incredible PCAGOE entries. To vote for your favorite and be entered to win one of 2 polymer clay prize packs, got to (use this link, or click on the entry picture below) and complete the voting form at the bottom of the post to enter!
After you vote, take a little time to think about your summer memories and how you could translate them into something creative that will keep the memory alive all year round!


Anonymous said...

I love the balls! very summery!

Cathy said...

i have now visited the blogs of 3 of the entrants in this comp, including yours - and the entries are all amazing - so different and yet all fit the bill of summer memories. best of luck with your entry.


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