Monday, July 23, 2007

Be Inspired - Circular Sensation

Circles (my very favorite shape) are a recurring theme in my work. I love the circular shape of many of my pendants and magnets, as well as pressing little circles into them to create fun texture. Something about a circle seems so perfect and complete to me. I started to make a flickr mosaic when I ran across this great one by nofrills. I know I was inspired, so I decided it would be perfect for this feature today, plus I have orders to get out and I haven't had time to finish my own. I already have a few ideas started after looking at this wonderful circular spread.

Here are some examples of artists who have taken the simple notion of a circle, and created something fantastic:

Are you getting inspired yet? Here's more:

I know you're getting inspired now. So many circles, so little room on my blog! To see the artist or purchase one of these items, just click on the pictures to be taken to their etsy shop.

More circular sensations:

Well if these images haven't inspired you today, you may just need to step away from the art supplies and have your head examined or at least go blow some bubbles! Take a little time this week to explore the circle and create your own circular sensation. Remember, if you are inspired to create something from one of the Be Inspired features, please send a picture and description to my e-mail, and I may feature you on my blog. The piece must be inspired by the Be Inspired post and cannot be an item created prior to the posting. If your Be Inspired piece is featured, I will send you a free pendant from my etsy shop (I will choose the pendant and it will be a surprise).


Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Thank you for including me as one of your inspirational pieces! It looks good with the others.

Your blog is fantastic and your success makes me happy!

Heather Powers said...

thanks for the inspiration. I've been making some circles to share soon!

Block Party Press said...

Your welcome Marisa. You know how I love your work. I am saving up for a large piece! As always thanks so much for your support!

Heather - I can't wait to see what you've made!


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