Friday, May 18, 2012

Be Inspired to Morph Your Work into Something New

While you always hear about people creating art with old items or recycling items to make new art, you don't hear as much about turning older art pieces into new art.  If you create art regularly, you probably have a lot of finished pieces around.  Have you ever taken a finished piece and added to it or even turned it into a completely new piece of art?  That's just what my son did. I'm borrowing from his blog today in hopes of inspiring you to do something with those old pieces of art.  Here's a space helmet he made from a paper mache globe that he made in school:

Kyle's Space Helmet

I love the fact that he can see something new in something he's made and be able to bring that new idea to life.  While I tend to be very attached to my finished pieces, Kyle is constantly reworking his and often transforming them into something new.  It's the ultimate in art recycling. It's bonus that he just used things we had around the house.

Take a little time this week to look at some of your older pieces.  Can you turn them into something new?  Can you take a piece of them and use it in a newer piece? Or perhaps just looking at them will inspire you to evolve a past design or concept or inspire you finish a series or start a new one. As artists we are always evolving with each new piece we create, so why shouldn't our finished pieces evolve over time too.  Follow my son's blog, Kyle's Kreations, to see more of art pieces.  Who knows, next week his space helmet might become pinata or a planter.

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