Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Ways

I'm starting a new littler feature called Three Ways where I take one subject and look at it in 3 different ways. I might change the angle or the color, or the arrangement depending on the subject and what intrigues me about it at the time. The idea is to get you to look at things differently in order to find new inspirations from one subject.

Since Halloween is approaching, I thought I'd post picks of the lovely lady (I'm assuming she's a lady)who has taken up residence in my backyard. If you are squeamish about spiders, don't scroll any further.




OK, I know it's bad to have an extra pic the first time I post this Three way feature, but this one was too good to leave out. So think of it as Three Ways with a bonus! I'll try my best to keep it to three from now on or I'll have to change the name!


Another bonus** Check out my mini spooky glowing ghost tutorial on the BEST Baltimore craft Blog! BOO!

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