Monday, May 3, 2010

Through My Eyes - Litter

One of the crazy things that happened during my time away from the blog, was "Snowmageddon". Two blizzards that left us with 3+ feet of snow. We had a ball in all that snow. The only bad thing was that the snow stayed for a very long time. At one point we had large "icebergs" throughout our neighborhood. Once the snow finally melted, it left a ton of trash strewn across the neighborhood. We had only had Cesar for a couple weeks, and walking him was my job, so with each walk I brought a bag to collect the trash I found. You know me, I couldn't just pick up the trash and move on, I had to take a picture of it first. There was something beautiful about the juxtaposition of the natural and the unnatural. I loved the contrast of the bright colors against the drab colors of winter. I really found some very interesting things too. And yes, I cleaned up every piece of it and even took the boys out to clean up the less interesting trash. So, I'm not sure what these photos will inspire, but this is litter through my eyes:


I don't think this is Arugula

red & green circles

I swear my MIL didn't send me this!

An unexpected ear of corn. All I could think of at the time, was summer cannot get here fast enough!

A moment of Zen.

A snow sculpture. I loved how the snow melted and refroze grabbing hold of the bottle.

The decaying paper reminded me of lace.

This plastic bottle has an interesting texture.

Love the shape of this piece of shoe.

How could you not be inspired by kittens?

I honestly never thought I'd be inspired by litter, but it happened. I don't know that I've turned any of it into art, but I like to look at this mini series as a little work of art. So take a walk around your neighborhood or local park and help clean up the litter. Maybe you'll be inspired too. Maybe the inspiration will come from the shapes, colors, forms or words (remember Charlotte's Web) that you find. You might even find something that you'd like to include in your art. And even if you don't find any inspirational litter, you will have cleaned your environment up a bit! So it's a win win all around! Happy picking!


Katie said...

We found Nerds too after Snowmageddon!

Block Party Press said...

That's too funny! Either the snow fairies have a sweet tooth, or the kids took provisions out when sledding!

Block Party Press said...

Didn't I see that you'll be at Squidfire? I'll be there with BEST. I hope to get a chance to come by and see you!

Unknown said...

I love this post. You are always so clever and have such a fresh eye for things. The photos are fantastic. I absolutel love Arugula and the Tazo Zen tea is very yummy. Nerds... I could live without. ha ha
We actually had our own Snowmageddon (love that word) but it only lasted a week which for where I live is a really long time! Did you know we had to drive on ice for at least that long because we don't budget for snow plowing? tsk tsk ;-)

Block Party Press said...

Thanks ODD! I'm glad you survived Snowmageddon too!!

Katie said...

Sorry I missed you on Saturday - too terrified to leave my tent for fear of it blowing away!

Block Party Press said...

No worries - I was "tied" to my tent too. What a fun day! Will you be at Handmade Mart?


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