Thursday, October 29, 2009

Be Inspired to Create Fun Halloween Decorations from things Around the House

Here are a couple of quick tutorials for some Easy Halloween decorations created from things around house.

Paper Bag Jack O' Lantern
Brown Paper lunch bags
Acrylic craft paint

1.Take a brown or white paper lunch bag and open it up
2. Stuff it with a bit of paper about 1/2 the way up the bag
3. Gather the bag just above the stuffing & twist
4. Keep twisting until you've created a stem
5. Paint with orange acrylic paint & let dry
6. Add a face to create a Jack O' Lantern
7. Let dry
8. Make another! They look great displayed together.

String of Ghosts:
Coffee Filters
Fishing Line or Clear thread
Black Pen (optional)

1. Flatten out the coffee filter
2. Ball up a piece of tissue and place in the center
3. Gather up the middle of the coffee filter and twist to create the ghosts head
4. Add eyes with the black pen
4. Tie the ghosts onto fishing line to create a string of ghosts that appear to be floating

The ghosts look great in a window or strung in a door way or from a chandelier.

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