Monday, August 17, 2009

Through My Eyes - The County Fair - Part 3- The Rides

Here's my last post about the Fair. This one focused on the rides. I was inspired most by the traditional rides.

The swings were always my favorite. I loved the feeling of flying through the air. This one was very ornate and I really loved the soft color palette and the touches of gold. The movement was very inspiring too.

Here's the Zipper. I can guess what inspired this ride. Only thing it ever inspired in me though is fear and nausea, but maybe it will inspire you in other ways. I do like the chevron pattern of the lights.

The Carousel always brings back memories and I'm so glad my boys still wanted to ride. It will be a sad day when they no longer want to get on the Carousel. But until then I'll be inspired by the whimsical details of the carousel. This one had a western theme and featured feathers, stars mirrors and lots of gold accents. Gaudy in the best possible way.

And last but not least the Ferris Wheel. Great geometric details and lots and lots of intersecting lines. It's also a great way to get an inspiring birds eye view of the Fair.

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