Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Tutorials - The Origami Rock & Faux Veggies

Here's a fun new tutorial for you today. Make sure you share it with your kids and don't skip any steps! I will announce the winners of the giveaway tonight. I decided to pick the ACEO name since it has dragged on longer than anticipated, so both winners & the new name will be announced tonight! In the meantime, be inspired to create something and give this tutorial a try!


Use an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper, cardstock, or construction paper for this project. You can color your paper before you begin your folds to make the rock more rock-like.

1. Fold the paper in half, length-wise.
2. Fold in half width-wise.
3. Repeat on both sides.
4. Take the left corner and fold diagonally along the center line, like you are making a paper airplane.
5. Take the right corner and do the same.
6. Take the bottom left corner and fold diagonally along the center line, like you did in Step #4.
7. Take the bottom right corner and do the same.
8. Score all of the diagonal folds with a pen or butter knife.
9. Unfold the diagonal folds so that the paper is now folded width-wise in front of you.
10. Fold the paper in half again, width-wise.
11. Fold the paper in half, length-wise, twice.
12. Open up the template so you can see all of the fold lines on the paper.
13. Take both hands and crumple the paper into a ball. Your origami rock is now complete

Don't forget about April Fool's day today! Here's an extra tutorial for tricking your veggie- hating kids. Faux Peas & Carrots:

Materials: green and orange Starbursts, butter knife and your 2 hands

Cut orange and green starbursts in quarters and smooth the edges of the carrots and roll the green ones into balls. I tricked my kids 2 years ago and they loved it. To see more faux food pranks check out the Family Fun website.


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Tamara, hope you don't mind if I skip Steps 1-12 and go straight to 13? LOL ;D

Karen said...

So fun--- Believe it or not, this is the first mention of April Fool's Day I've seen today! (Gov't jobs allow for no fun.) Thanks for reminding me!

Block Party Press said...

April Fool's!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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