Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Be Inspired by 100

Today is the 100th day of school for my boys so I thought I would take some time to be inspired by the number 100. My son's kindergarten class had to bring in 100 of something to help the class visualize 100. Over the weekend Kyle created 100 polymer clay balls. I loved that he decided to create 100 things instead of just counting one hundred paperclips or grains of rice. His idea to create 100 things inspired me, so I thought I would pass that on to you too. Once the balls return from school we have decided that we will display them in some way since they represent not only his first 100 days of school, but also the creativity and perseverance it took to create all 100 of them. I think we may get a tall glass vase and fill it up with the balls, or glue them to a piece of wood to display on the wall. I'll ultimately ask Kyle what he'd like to do with them since I am sure he will have an opinion one way or the other.

Check out these items that might have been inspired by the number 100:

Get lucky with
100 Pink origami lucky stars by itreallyaddsomething.etsy.com

Get the first "Onion Sets Delivery Day" print in a limited edition of 100. Created by dottylotty.etsy.com

100 Paper Bead Mix by yoyocottage.etsy.com

Need some more inspiration? Or just something to do? Check out this comic/zine with 100 different things to do by Philippa Rice/ thejuzzard.etsy.com

Take some time this week to ponder the number 100. Will you make something using the actual number? Will you create 100 of the same thing? will you create 100 different things? Will you use 100 different colors? Will you start a new series of 100? Will you create something new each day for 100 days? Will you create for 100 minutes? I'm not sure what I will do yet, but you can bet I have some ideas. If only I had 100 years to create all the things in my head!


Yummy & Company said...

what a great memory to have! be sure to photograph what u guys end up making!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I sub in Howard County and they were celebrating the same day today:) I've been thinking about that number lately, as I'm coming close to both 100 items made (counting sales) in my etsy shop, and 100 blog posts. It's a very symbolic number for sure, makes you feel all warm and productive.


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