Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be Inspired By Hearts

Well, I am not usually a big fan of Valentine's Day (My birthday is the next day, so I am usually more interested in that). I am not the mushy type and I am kind of from the school of let someone know you love them everyday and not just once a year. My dh usually provides the requisite card, chocolates and flowers, but today I have really been feeling the love. Not only did I wake up to a sweet card from my boys, and a great card from my dh which actually serenaded me with the song "Ain't No Woman like the One I Got" (you gotta love the singing card). I also got a big heart box of chocolates, so coffee and chocolates it was for breakfast (and lunch! and an afternoon snack). Then when I checked Etsy, my pear pendant was on the front page and it netted me 58 hearts and 2 sales!!! 58 hearts in one day is definitely a record for me and I am really feeling the love. While I do love sales, it is still exciting to know that someone likes and appreciates your work, even if they don't buy something it's still an acknowledgement, so hearts actually do mean a lot. I just broke 3500 hearts earlier this week which kind of blew my mind. So.....since I am feeling the love, I wanted to share a little with everyone else. Here are some inspiring heart items I found on Etsy. I personally heart them all!

Even though Valentine's is almost over, take a little time to incorporate a little heart into your work this week and share the love!

Happy Valentines Day! If only I could send chocolate by e-mail!! I guess these pics will have to do!

Artist credits:
I heart Ninja Robot cup by
a valentines black heart mini plush by
Pink Hearts on Chocolate Brown Felted Ankle Booties by
Would You Love me Ring by me (blockpartypress.etsy)
Hearts and Love strapless top by
Valentine CupKozy by
Valentine bracelet by
I've Got Something to Say Print by

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pollyhyper said...

Sigh... I just love love, don't you?

Not just the romantic kind, but all kinds - friend love, romantic love, love between parents and kids, siblings, even the love between my two dogs, who are licking each other and playing right now.

I'm such a sap.


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