Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Through My Eyes - Art Supplies

Well with the passing holiday season and a little artist in house, we have a lot of new fun art supplies and have created some fun new art. I thought I would share some inspiring pics I took of our new goodies. I recommend taking a little field trip around your studio (or your kids' like I did). Look at your supplies less as supplies and more as inspiration. Take in the colors, the shapes, the patterns and textures. Take a few pics like I did and see if inspiration strikes. I already have a few ideas from the ones I took.

31 Colors of Glitter Glue = Bliss

The handmade crayons are by bluebeargifts.etsy.com and they are very well made and perfect for little hands. The red and green acrylic rods are from Polymerclayproductions.com. Not only do they work great, but they look good too!


DivaDea said...

Awesome bright pictures! It's really fun to just take a gander at all the random supplies and tools occasionally - definitely inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Wait... what does it mean if acrylic rods 'work great'? Are they just really good at being acrylic, and sort of roddy, or am I missing something?

Block Party Press said...

The acrylic rods are used for flattening and rolling out polymer clay. They can also be used for smoothing and to get an even impression with stamps.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! That makes sense then - thanks for clarifying! :)


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