Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You Were Inspired By What? - An Ogre & An Onion?

A couple of months ago one of the Etsy forum challenges was to create something inspired by a fairy tale. Being forced to watch Shrek almost nightly, I started sketching things inspired by the movie. My favorite part of the movie is when Shrek says that Ogres are like onions because they have a lot of layers, so I started drawing some onion shaped things and then began adding swirls and leaves and ended up with this pendant, which I entered into the challenge and that was basically the end of it.

Recently, I was going through my sketchbook when I came across one of the sketches and it made me think of a crest that would be perfect for Princess Fiona. So I headed off to create the block and ended up with this necklace, which I call "Ogres Are Like Onions".

You may not be inspired by onions and big green ogres, but I was. Think about a favorite movie character or fairytale character this week and make something inspired by them, or something that they might wear or keep in their house. Putting yourself in a movie character's "shoes" can help open your eyes to possibilities that you may not have seen on your own. Their character traits, where they live, their family and their likes and dislikes can all become your inspiration. Here are some more works of art inspired by onions and ogres (click the photo to be taken to the artist's Etsy shop):

I even found something that would be perfect for Shrek and Fiona's triplets:


Felicia said...

Love the Shrek onions!

yellowfish said...

I love the pendants! of course, I also love basically your whole store so I guess it comes as no surprise!

Anonymous said...

You make onions look pretty!!


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