Monday, October 29, 2007

Inspired by Zombies - Artist Feature with Tinaseamonster.etsy

Since it is almost Halloween, I thought it would be the perfect time to showcase Tinaseamonster.etsy and her Zombie t-shirts. They aren't specifically Halloween shirts, but zombies are certainly scary and the thought of a Zombie plague is down right worrisome!

Last month I had a chance to meet Tina at the Crafty Bastards show in D.C. We have convoed back and forth on Etsy, so it was very cool to meet her person. She was sweet enough to give me 2 t-shirts for my boys, as long as I sent her some pics of them in the shirts. That was a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. So the kids modeled the t-shirts and now you can see them in Tina's Etsy shop. The phrase on the t-shirts says "Sometimes I worry about Zombies" and I began to wonder what inspired the phrase, so I asked Tina and here is what she said:

What inspired this piece?
The first "Sometimes I Worry About Zombies" shirt was made in the middle of the night last year before the Crafty Bastards Arts and Craft Fair. I had one Gocco screen left and 9 shirts so I made this new design. I had just painted a collage about worrying about owls and I thought, "I am not that worried about owls anymore. But zombies, everyone worries about zombies." :) The shirt is really not about zombies at all, but about people who worry about things that they cannot control. I think worrying about most things is useless and a waste of time, really. Living is better than worrying.

Can you detail how you translated your inspiration into your work of art?
My Print Gocco makes it easy for me to write just about anything on any piece of fabric, so there isn't much detail involved. This design has evolved in the past year, though. I added Mr. Z and now he makes the design less scary and more funny.

Where do you tend to find inspiration for your art pieces?
Most of my work comes from my own blog. I know that is weird. But I totally search my blog for past entries that are interesting. I always find something that is ready to be a new design. It is like a past self is sending my future self new designs. I also always check to see what people are Googling to get to my web site. This can often times be hilarious.

Any advice for someone feeling uninspired?
Live. Don't close yourself off from life. Living is the only way to create something new. I spent all of my early twenties not living, just existing and I didn't make anything. What a waste of time.

Zombies aren't all that she has to offer, although they can also be found on underwear, Christmas cards, buttons, magnets and even Christmas ornaments. You will also find ghosts, seamonsters, yetis and even panda poo (yes, I said panda poo).

Tina and her goodies are all over the web and you can check them out here:


Television Podcast:

Craft Mutiny Collective and Podcast:

Handmade for kid's Etsy Street Team:

And just in case you didn't know, Zombies are the new bunnies. Seriously, they are.

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