Monday, September 24, 2007

We Have Winner

Sorry I was a bit delayed in announcing this, but since my blog is pretty visual, I was wanted to get a photo of Kyle doing the drawing and I had a hard time wrangling him this weekend. The weather was just too gorgeous, so the boys were outside exploring, bug collecting and digging. Once I finally got them in, it was too dark to get a decent picture. Fortunately I was able to get him to cooperate this morning (he'll do anything for Doritos!).

The little sculpture was a Moray Eel (anyone that guessed Eel was included in the drawing!). Check the comments for the some of the other great guesses. Kyle's older brother Trey is extremely fascinated with animals, and he "studies" them daily by reading his animal books and researching them on the internet. Recently Kyle has started to be interested and was looking through one of Trey's books and found the moray eel and decided that he could make one too, so he did! Now that we know what it is, on to the winner.

Drum roll............The winner of the $25 gift certificate to the Block Party Press is Knitsteel!

Congrats to Knitsteel and thanks so much to everyone who participated and joined the new Flickr Group, My Kid's Art! Don't forget to check the group today for this week's theme! Here is a mosaic from last week's theme, Flowers:

1. The BEST Flower I have ever received, 2. postcard, 3. 4yo's EtchASketch of Spiderweb, flower, ant butterfly and sun, 4. 9 yos Spare clay rosebud, 5. 9 yo's Waterlilies in Watercolor, 6. My favorite picture by my older son, 7. kid art 4, 8. kid art 6, 9. Pink Flower Guy, 10. Volcano detail - Kyle's flower, 11. Rose, 12. Flower Spy

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

I will post my Be Inspired feature tomorrow, so come on back!


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner!

Kirsten said...

Yippee! Thanks to both you and Kyle. That was an awesome eel.


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