Monday, August 27, 2007

Be Inspired by the Ocean

This week we are being inspired by the ocean. I chose this subject for 2 reasons. One, we just got back from a beach vacation, so the ocean is fresh in my mind and two, the PCAGOE is having their monthly challenge and the theme was the Ocean, so it only makes sense to go with the flow and be inspired by the ocean this week. To me the ocean is like another world. The opportunity for inspiration is as vast as its depths. The water itself and the it's movement are inspiring. Watching the shape and patterns of waves, the white foam against the blue water, the way the light shimmers across the expanse of water can all inspire you to create. Check out these ocean, water and waves inspired items from Etsy (click on the photo to see more work by the artists)

Of course the incredible sea life can lead to inspiration. The colors of the ocean animals can be bright and vibrant, drab and camouflaged, metallic and even bio luminescent and the shapes and textures can be sleek and streamlined ,lumpy and bumpy, spiked or even ever changing like the octopus and jellyfish (2 very trendy sea creatures, just search either on Etsy, and you will be amazed at the number of cool items you'll find). Check out these sea life inspired Etsy items:

The ultimate ocean inspiration can be found when you use items from the sea to create art. Coral, shells, pearls and even sea glass can all be incorporated into your art. Here are some creative items which incorporate a bit of the ocean:

Take a little time this week to be inspired by the ocean. Visit the beach for labor day weekend, watch a documentary about the ocean (The Discovery Channel has some amazing ocean documentaries, this week they are showing Blue Planet: Seas of Life. Click the link for show times), check out a book about the ocean from your local library, browse some photos on flickr (Some ocean groups: Ocean Water Life, Sea & Ocean, & Ocean Photography No limits) and finally check the ocean inspired items of the PCAGOE Challenge (and don't forget to vote for your favorite!)


LaPellaPottery said...

Thank you for featuring our incense holder! So many nice ocean themed etsy products.

Sara Millis said...

A lovely selection as usual - thnk you for sharing.

I'm not sure if you've seen my recent post?

Sara x

Steph said...

I love these inspiration posts.

Block Party Press said...

Your very welcome intothefire. I love your piece, it was perfect for my post!

Thanks Sara. I'm off to check your blog.

Thanks Stephanie. I'm glad you are enjoying them!

Lis said...



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