Sunday, July 15, 2007

Spell Your way to Inspiration - Spell with Flickr

Here is a little visual inspiration courtesy of a new flickr toy find: Spell with Flickr. All you have to do is type in your word and hit "spell" and voila. A lovely mix of letters in many colors and textures and styles. They even offer up the Html code so you can put it in your blog, like me!

B L O C Tokyu Hands

p A R T Y


I really love the industrial feel of my letters, as well as the different color combinations. Something about the scratched paint on the old sign letters makes me crazy (I wonder why). I feel inspiration coming on - Maybe I will make some initial pendants, rings or magnets that remind me of the old distressed letters.... maybe. You'll have to check back and see.

Here's another idea. Wouldn't it look great to frame each letter (Remember, Don't take the flickr images without the artist's permission) of a word that is meaningful to you and "spell " it up on the wall. Also a cool way to put your kid's or pet's name up on their wall. This project would also be a great excuse to get out there and get some cool letter pics of your own.

Since it is Sunday, take a little time to play with Spell with flickr and see if any inspiration springs forth. Put in names or meaningful words and see what comes up. Once you get off the computer, try to take a look at the signs and letters in your area and see if you find anything interesting. If you get a great letter photo or create a letter wall display, comment here or convo me on Etsy and I will post it here on the blog.


Nina Kuriloff said...

what an interesting feature!

thanks for posting about it.


bencandance said...

Fun and a cool look with the letters! I like it. :)


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