Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Inspiring and Being Inspired byYoung Artists

I received the best convo (like Etsy e-mail) a little while ago from Kathy of Roz Petalz (a fellow PCAGOE Member). She told me "My 5 year old saw some of your work, here on Etsy & has decided to make her own! She has been working on "sculptures" using rubber stamps, clay & paint. Some are really pretty! Just thought you'd like to know you've inspired a young mind. " Here are some pics of Hannah's wonderful creations:

I don't think there is any better feeling than knowing that you have inspired a young artist to create. I love it when my son is inspired to create something after seeing what I make. What is even better is that he always adds his own touch to it and makes something completely amazing. (Hey, I 'm his Mom, I can't help but brag! That's him and my niece pictured below painting away. The finished piece is under Kyle's Kreations on my sidebar.)

Another great thing about kids is that they can inspire us right back. Their bold use of color and shape, and their vivid imaginations can remind us to not put limits on our creativity. Kids create for the sake of creating and not necessarily for the end result, which is something I think we lose when we start to sell our art and become focused on whether or not it will sell. The process itself becomes less important. Kids also aren't afraid to try something new and we, as adults, shouldn't be either. So if you are looking for some inspiration, spend a little time with a kid or kids (depending on your tolerance level!). Try to see the world through their eyes, notice all the small things we don't always see as adults, enjoy the process of creating and you may be surprised by what you are inspired to create!

A special thanks to Kathy and Hannah for sharing!


Kirsten said...

What an honor for you! I love seeing how your work inspired the young artist. And you're absolutely right about children inspiring us right back. My daughter inspires me daily with her vibrant uninhibited artwork.

bencandance said...

What great little creations by Kathy's daughter! I also love the pic of your son and niece painting. So sweet.


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